Food Wrap Manufacturing Technology

In today’s world, where the convenience and safety of food preservation take top priority, food wrapping has become an indispensable companion in every household. In this context, the Rạng Đông Films brand stands out with the diverse applications and superior quality of its food wrap products.

Key Features

Excellent Elasticity and Easy Extension

Rạng Đông Films’ food wrap stands out with excellent elasticity, allowing easy extension and sealing on any shape of food containers, be it boxes, dishes, or ceramics. This flexibility not only ensures effective food preservation but also helps retain the flavor and quality.

Suitable for Refrigerators and Microwaves

Rạng Đông’s wrap is not limited to room temperature food storage; it can also be used in refrigerators and microwaves in the heating mode. This provides convenience and flexibility for various purposes.

Odorless Product, Protecting Food

Unlike some other products on the market, Rạng Đông Films’ wrap is odorless, free from antibacterial agents or unfamiliar chemicals, ensuring safety for users’ health. This not only protects fruits and vegetables from external factors but also preserves the natural flavor of the food.

Food Wrap Blowing Machine

To meet the growing demand for quality food wrap, Rạng Đông Films not only provides wrap products but also focuses on the production process. Their food wrap blowing machine has a capacity of 80 to 150 Kg/h, ensuring continuous production and stable quality.

Roll Splitting Machine

An essential part of the food wrap production process is the roll splitting machine. Rạng Đông Films ensures their products meet the highest standards with modern roll splitting machines, enhancing production efficiency and reducing error rates.

In today’s market, where safety and convenience are crucial, Rạng Đông Films’ food wrap is the top choice. With elasticity, flexibility, and optimal food preservation capabilities, this product not only meets but surpasses consumer needs.