Manufacturing Technology of Stretch Films

In the packaging industry, Stretch Films are increasingly becoming the top choice for businesses, with a thickness of 15 – 25 microns, product width ranging from 200 – 1000mm, and a capacity of 50 – 80 tons per month. In this article, we will introduce the Stretch Films of the reputable brand – Rang Dong Films, a reliable partner for efficient packaging.

Outstanding Advantages

High-Quality Material

Rang Dong Films’ Stretch Films are made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), ensuring high quality. The production process, using the melt extrusion method from hot plastic pellets, creates a product with excellent transparency and flexibility.

Versatile Usage

Apart from diverse thickness, Rang Dong’s Stretch Films are flexible in usage. They can be applied using MACHINE or HAND, depending on the needs and packaging process of each business.

Diverse Applications

With flexibility and high quality, this product is widely used in various fields. From packaging goods, product preservation to transportation, Rang Dong’s Stretch Films are a versatile solution for every business.

Distinctiveness of Rang Dong Films

International Quality Standards

Rang Dong Films is committed to meeting and exceeding international quality standards. Strict control from raw materials to the final product ensures that each roll of Stretch Films meets the highest requirements.

Professional Consultation

The difference lies not only in the product but also in professional consulting services. An experienced technical team will assist customers in choosing the most suitable product for their specific needs.

Real-World Applications

To illustrate the strength and efficiency of Rang Dong Films’ Stretch Films, let’s examine some real-world applications in leading packaging businesses.

Food Preservation

Stretch Films not only secure packaged food but also preserve freshness and resist external environmental impacts.

Premium Packaging

In the manufacturing and export industry, using Stretch Films means creating professionally packaged products, enhancing brand value.

With high quality, flexibility, and a commitment to meeting international quality standards, Rang Dong Films’ Stretch Films are a reliable choice for any business seeking an efficient packaging solution.