Safety and Quality Regulations for Food Wrapping Film

Rạng Đông Films’ food wrapping film is not only a tool for preserving and packaging food but also brings outstanding advantages in safety and quality. With excellent elasticity, easy extension, and the ability to conform to any shape of food containers, this wrapping film is the optimal choice for preserving fruits, vegetables, and daily food items.

Key Features of Rạng Đông Films’ Food Wrapping Film Excellent Elasticity

Rạng Đông Films’ wrapping film is designed with high elasticity, making it easy to stretch and wrap around various types of boxes, cups, plates, or ceramics, porcelain, glass. This ensures flexibility during the use and storage of food.

Safe Use in Refrigerators and Microwaves

Rạng Đông Films’ food wrapping film can be safely used in refrigerators and microwaves in the heating mode. This provides convenience for storing and using food without compromising quality and nutrition.

Odorless, Protecting Vegetables and Food

The product is odorless, creating optimal storage conditions for vegetables and food without affecting the taste and quality. This enhances the culinary experience and ensures safety for users.

Blown Food Wrapping Film Machine: Modern Technology for Peak Quality

An essential part of the food wrapping film production process is the use of a modern blown film machine with a capacity ranging from 80 to 150 kg/h. This ensures that the wrapping film is produced with high quality and performance, meeting all quality standards.

Regulations and Notes When Using Food Wrapping Film Main Materials: PE and PVC

Food wrapping film is usually made from two main materials: PE (Polyethylene) and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride). PE film, produced from polyethylene beads, is odorless, non-toxic, flexible, and has good tensile strength. Meanwhile, PVC film has two types: containing DEHA or DEHP additives and a type without these two additives.

Production Process According to Standards

The correct production process of food wrapping film according to quality standards includes several steps, from evenly mixing PE plastic film with additives, melting until molten, shaping the product to the desired size and thickness, cooling the plastic film, and finally cutting the edges, rolling it into a complete PE wrapping film.

Safe Use: Note the Rules

  • Do not wrap food at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius, and do not wrap food for more than 6 hours.
  • Avoid using wrapping film for liquid food containing a lot of fat to prevent harmful chemical reactions.
  • Do not use when heating in a microwave or similar to avoid the film melting and producing harmful substances to health.

Smart Purchasing

Only use food wrapping film with a clear origin, the name and address of the manufacturer, registered by the relevant authorities, and certified to meet technical standards and food safety regulations.

Safe Choice for Food Preservation

Rạng Đông Films’ food wrapping film not only meets quality requirements but also ensures safety for consumers. Make a smart choice and use safe food wrapping film to protect your health and your family’s health.