The characteristics and applications of Stretch Film Wraps

Rang Dong Films’ Stretch Film is manufactured with varying thickness, ranging from 15 to 25 micrometers. The product comes in widths from 200 to 1000mm, adjustable according to specific customer requirements. Production capacity ranges from 50 to 80 tons per month, depending on the thickness and width of the product. This stretch film can be used both on machines and manually, meeting the diverse needs of businesses.

Stretch Film is a special type of PE (Polyethylene) plastic film, known for its high stretchability and adhesion. This minimizes loss during packaging and transportation, leading to significant cost savings. With impact resistance, dust and water repellency, Rang Dong Films’ Stretch Film is the optimal choice for protecting goods.

Performance of PE Stretch Film

This brand’s PE Stretch Film has an optimal thickness of 15 to 25 microns, with high peak elasticity, 2-3 times that of regular PE film. Superior tensile strength and durability ensure the safety of goods during transportation. Particularly, its good adhesion to the product’s surface ensures stability and safety.

Diverse Applications

Stretch Film is widely used in various fields, especially in packaging and transporting goods.

Pallet Packaging

This product is commonly used to wrap pallets containing goods, keeping products stable and preventing breakage during movement and stacking.

Carton Protection

Stretch Film is also a good choice for wrapping cartons, protecting them from impacts and damage.

Food Preservation

Not only for industrial goods, but Stretch Film is also applied to food wrapping, effectively preserving food and maintaining freshness.

Equipment and Utensil Protection

Moreover, this product is used to wrap containers, vehicles, machinery, and household items, protecting them from mechanical impact and weather.

Environmentally Friendly

An important advantage of Stretch Film is its recyclability. This environmentally friendly product helps reduce plastic waste and supports environmental protection efforts.

In summary, Rang Dong Films’ Stretch Films are not only an excellent choice for packaging and transporting goods but also deliver outstanding performance and environmental protection. With a high-quality technical team and modern production processes, this product not only meets but surpasses the strictest customer requirements.